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A modern wallet extension for all browsers.

Sphynx Wallet extension gives investors a better feel of managing their portfolio.

Welcome to your new wallet.

Its unique and clean UI allows investors to see how their own portfolio is doing as well as how the market is in general. Users will have more security within the wallet to keep their mind at rest and more focused on finding the next new investment.

Sphynx Wallet
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Wallet browser extension to keep growing the Ecosystem. Simple and easy to use, Sphynx wallet has less fees then your standard Web3 wallets with a much more professional and modern UI.


Users will be able to download this application via the Sphynx Labs website. Users will then be able to do the following:

  • 1
    Create multiple multi-chain wallet
  • 2
    Import a wallet
  • 3
    Send/Receive/Swap directly within the wallet
  • 4
    Buy Crypto directly in the wallet via a credit card
  • 5
    Withdraw crypto directly back to your credit card
  • 6
    Multi layers of security, including pin required transactions
  • 7
    Live charts
  • 8
    Favourite contacts functionality

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