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Its unique and clean UI allows investors to see how their own portfolio is doing as well as how the market is in general. Users will have more security within the wallet to keep their mind at rest and more focused on finding the next new investment. Learn More

Sphynx Labs

The next wonder of

Sphynx is an all-in-one solution for trading, farming, staking, holding, and so much more. This includes a single platform with a consolidated wallet that’ll always have a bird eye view of your assets, dynamic charts, farms and staking portals, meaning you’d never have to leave Sphynx. ​


Buy & Sell on BSC,
CRO, Polygon, ETH or BITGERT


Earn by supplying LP Tokens


Secure with Generous, Sustainable Returns


Sphynx Labs Hub

Launch on Sphynx Labs and get the help you need to get your project off the ground.

  • Token smart contract (Certik Standard)
    Token smart contract (Certik Standard)
  • Farming Pool
    Farming Pool
  • Staking Pool
    Staking Pool
  •  Initial project exposure
    Initial project exposure
  • Ama in Sphynx Labs & One Partner Lounge
    Ama in Sphynx Labs & One Partner Lounge
  • Launchpad for Presale raise
    Launchpad for Presale raise
  • Development of utility (subject to approval)
    Development of utility (subject to approval)

Read the Sphynx Gitbook

Even More Utilities

Building the Revolution

Sphynx is building a revolutionary Defi ecosystem like no other.

Papyrus Charting

Sphynx Papyrus allows you to chart, research and place orders for any token on BSC, ETH, Polygon or BITGERT. You can view charts for any token with liquidity in PancakeSwap, Uniswap or SphynxSwap with our charts, including the ability to read vital information such as liquidity, market cap, and order books.


The most important thing to note is that not all lottery rounds are equal. After every round, if nobody wins in one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed $SPHYNX for that bracket rolls over into the next round and are redistributed among the prize pools.

Cross-chain Bridge
Not too long ago, the main focus was only on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network. Now, however, there are multiple chains that are bringing in considerable volume and attracting thousands of investors to purchase tokens on their chain. ​
Limit Orders / Stop Loss

With the partnership of Chainlink, Sphynx Labs has integrated one of their smart contract services which allows users to perform limit orders and apply stop loss orders on all chains provided on Sphynx Labs.


IDOs are not uncommon on BSC, ETH, Polygon, CRO or BITGERT as several projects have rolled out on each network. However, what makes Sphynx’s LaunchPad stand out is the fact that we have a working partnership with CertiK. Therefore, upcoming projects that launch on SphynxSwap first must go through CertiK in order to be considered audited.

NFT Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace will bridge the gap between NFT enthusiasts and the average cryptocurrency trader so that they can freely engage in their favorite pastimes.​

Sphynx Wallet

Sphynx multichain web3 wallet simplifies how wallets are managed. Sphynx wallet gives a the users more functionality and features which reduce the chances of losing all our funds with extra security add ons to protect your investment.

Mobile Application

Sphynx Labs mobile application is completely changing the way DeFi is managed and traded. Users will be able to explore multichain DeFi protocols from one simple and easy to use application. Users will chart, stake, farm, enter presales, stake NFTs, and bridge tokens all from one place across multiple chains. Users will be able to download the application through the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

Live Now!


Earn $SPHYNX and other tokens for free with super high interest rates.​




1 %
1 %
Private Sale
1 %
Swap LP
1 %
1 %
Team & MKTG
1 %



1 %
1 %
1 %


1 %
1 %
1 %
1 %



  • 44%
    After the presale on DX
  • 11%
    Private sale (14 day vesting)
  • 7%
    Sphynx Swap LP
  • 15%
    Locked exchange tokens (locked for 30 days)
  • 5%
    Team locked tokens (1-3 years locked)
  • 5%
    Marketing locked token (otc)
  • 13%

Sphynx Roadmap

This isn’t your ordinary roadmap
Q4 2021
Q4 2021

Phase 1

Community Launch & Development

Website Launch

Private Presale (Provide Liquidity for Sphynx Swap)

TechRate Contract Audits

Certik Contract Audits

Whitelisted & Public Presale

Token Launch & Liquidity Bootstrapping

Launch Sphynx Swap

Launch Sphynx Papyrus (Charts)

Launch Sphynx Nile (Staking Pools)

Launch Sphynx Pyramid (Farming)


Q1 2022
Q1 2022

Phase 2

Launch Sphynx Wallet

First Cross-Chain Network Launch

Initial Sphynx Offerings

NFT Launch

Q2 2022
Q2 2022

Phase 3

Prediction Rounds

Sphynx Lottery

Further Cross-Chain Support

Other Top-Secret Developments

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The Team Behind Sphynx

Zaidoun “Lonzo” Alowbydi


Zaidoun, the founder of Sphynx has been involved in Crypto since 2017. Background involves working on listed clients on the ASX, NZX as well as SMP 500 as a senior risk audit manager at the Big 4 firm such as PwC and Mid-teir firms which has given him the wide range of experience across multiple levels of organisations. Great passion for IT and cryptocurrency is the fuel that drives him to bridge the current space to allow for mass adoption.



Doc Is A Lawyer Specializing In Business And IP. He Is Also Experienced Entrepreneur, Having Owned An Operated A Successful Marketing Agency Since 2016. He Has Been Involved In The Crypto Space As An Avid Investor Since Late 2017, And Began His Foray Into The Development Side With The Sphynx Eco.



Sphynx Labs’ CMO, Vini, oversees the establishment of the company’s advertising, branding strategy, and consumer engagement. Vini has been investing in crypto since 2015 and has extensive experience in the crypto space. First, he determines how and where the company positions itself for the future. Then, using traditional methods and newer technologies such as data analytics, Vini develops the strategy to drive the organization to that future market position. With his vast knowledge and experience in the crypto space, Vini can leverage his expertise and connections to drive revenue and position Sphynx as a leader in the Crypto space.

Sphynx services representatives




With excellent communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills, Lilith provides sterling attributes to his role as the Supervisor for Sphynx Labs. He is in charge of the employees’ daily performance, managing their workflow, clarifying the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals, providing constructive feedback, and resolving internal challenges. In addition, Lilith forms a deep relationship with the Sphynx Labs Team by respecting, valuing and engaging professionally and positively with a motivated team.



project manager

Andres is the Project Manager at Sphynx Labs, and he is in charge of the project’s planning, budgeting, procurement, and implementation. He oversees all aspects of Sphynx Labs, like organizing the team and managing the project’s resources. With his vast experience in advising other projects in the space, Andres plays a critical role for the future and success of Sphynx

Read the Sphynx Gitbook

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